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Three Unsafe Water Sources

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Lourdes is a single mother living with her two children in a small community in Guatemala. Her main source of water is a shallow, open well that was dug by hand. Due to its high mineral content that water is not suitable for human consumption. Lourdes says, "The water in the well is yellow and smells like rust," "You can't drink it because mud and rocks comes out too."

Part of the year, Lourdes collects rainwater from her roof for drinking. Tests revealed that that water is filled with bacteria and dangerous to drink too. But they drink it anyway. Finally, during dry season, they walk 30 minutes where they get water on private property that they don’t have permission to use. 3-year-old Camila says that water tastes funny too, stating, "I don't like that water."

Lourdes explains, "My daughter said when she drinks the pipe water, she doesn't like it because it gives her stomachache."

When her children fall ill, the only “medicine” Lourdes can afford is lemon water to soothe their pain. Lourdes says, "I tell my children that it is going to rain soon, and we are going to have water to drink. I feel sad because I can't give them clean water to drink.”

Then Operation Blessing came and dug a deep well with a pump that fills a 4,000-gallon tank.  That water is purified and is delivered to more than 80 families in the community - including Lourdes, who gratefully shares, "I am so grateful to Operation Blessing for giving my children clean water. It is a gift that I will never forget."

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CBN International Managing Director for The 700 Club | Ken's been telling stories as a producer and writer for nearly 40 years. Currently, he manages and mentors media teams based in countries worldwide that provide stories about the work of CBN, Operation Blessing, and Orphan’s Promise for The 700 Club and other media platforms. He is married with four adult children and nine grandchildren.