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Mother Wonders What She Did Wrong

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Dana was born with a cleft lip. His mother, Thoeun, was heartbroken and said she felt like a failure as a mom. “I wondered what I did to cause this to happen. I went for ultrasounds during my pregnancy. The doctors said everything looked normal. I wondered what I did wrong,” recalled Thoeun. 

After Dana's birth his dad said he had no idea where to turn for help for his son. All he knew was that he would always be there for his little boy and take care of him. “I felt hopeless,” he said. “I couldn't control my emotions. Sometimes I wanted to cry because of his cleft palate because I couldn't afford to help him."

Then a relative told Thoeun about Operation Blessing. Thanks to you, we arranged and paid for Dana to receive free surgery to repair the cleft lip. That surgery was successful.  

“Seeing his smile makes me feel stronger and more motivated,” said Dan his father. “Every day, I bathe him and look after him. Thank you to everyone who helped my son."

“His health has improved,” added Thoeun. “And he has gained weight. Even though we don't have much, we have happiness in our family thanks to the people who support Operation Blessing!”

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Ken Hulme

CBN International Managing Director for The 700 Club | Ken's been telling stories as a producer and writer for nearly 40 years. Currently, he manages and mentors media teams based in countries worldwide that provide stories about the work of CBN, Operation Blessing, and Orphan’s Promise for The 700 Club and other media platforms. He is married with four adult children and nine grandchildren.