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Dead by Drought

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A severe drought continues to ravage northern Kenya, killing much of the livestock and taking a huge toll on families who depend on those animals for their livelihood.

Khoboso explained, “All our animals have been wiped out by the drought. We only have five sickly camels left. Before this drought, when we needed food, we sold a few animals. Then we bought food for our families. Now, we have been reduced to begging for food. If we get lucky, we eat just enough to trick our stomachs, but it is never a proper meal. My mind is never at peace. I have a small baby who is still suckling. Because I never have enough food, I drink water, but when the child tries to suckle, it leaves me feeling weak and sick. My husband and I keep asking ourselves, ‘How will our children survive this drought?’”

When Operation Blessing learned about their plight, we distributed food to more than 700 families.

“We are filled with joy, because God sent you to bring us this food,” exclaimed Khoboso. “If you hadn’t brought us this food today, we would have slept hungry tonight. You are truly a Godsend! Now, we have enough food for our family. A big ‘thank you’ to all those who gave us this food! We will continue to pray for you to be blessed.”

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