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She Received Her Miracle by Phone

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Millie Alanis, along with her husband, Jesse loves helping others. She has been a 700 Club partner since 2004.

“I really like praying and the giving parts to the different ministries of CBN. I wanted to be a part of CBN because they have so many various ministries within," said Millie.

In 2006, Millie felt led to give a little extra on top of her $20 dollars a month commitment to help Operation Blessing.

“I kept increasing. Really, I was testing God. Because His word says test me now and prove me. And I kept giving because I kept seeing the results of my giving. I was seeing the impact it was making on people. They go out there to help people that have disasters. The stuff about the surgeries with the children, the cleft lip and palate. All of that is really  awesome," said Millie.

Millie says she began to notice changes in her own life. “When I started giving to CBN, first of all, I saw a joy in my heart. I started feeling like God was increasing my health, in every area. Everything was starting to just get better in my life. Especially, joy was being increased in my life.”

In 2010, Millie also began giving towards Superbook, where she uses the stories to lead children’s Bible studies.

“I love children and I believe the early years of their formation are very, very important. I really believe Super Book is something, the cartoons, that’s something that they can relate to. They really like it," said Millie.

The couple is grateful for the joy they receive through giving to others. Their faith has also been encouraged. For years, Millie was unable to work due to immobilizing vertigo.

“It was just kind of like seeing the room spinning and I would feel off balance. I felt like I wanted to vomit. It really made me feel sick all over and I couldn’t do anything. I had gone to doctors and they told me there was no cure for vertigo," said Millie.

On April 13, 2021, she was watching the 700 Club and saw a special appeal for a gift to support Israel.

“When I saw that it really moved my heart with compassion. I went in the room and I got out my credit card and I made the call to CBN. And I said, 'I would like to pledge $100.' And she said to me, 'Well, hold on, let me get the information.' And when she put me on hold, the Holy Spirit told me, 'I don’t only want you to give $100 this one time, I want you to give it monthly.' And the moment I said, 'Yes Lord,' the Spirit of God hit me so hard, it almost threw me backwards. And I felt the anointing of God though me. It was like in waves and waves. I just started weeping, crying. Before I knew it I got up and I started saying, 'Thank you Lord, thank you Lord,.' As I walked out of the room, my husband, he looked at me and he goes, 'God healed you, right?' All I did was nod. I couldn't even speak," said Millie. 

Today Millie continues to faithfully give to CBN and is now a 1000 Club member.

“When you give to the Lord, he takes care of everything. And I love to give. Especially to CBN. And you miss out when you don’t give to God. Because there’s just so many benefits in giving to Him. And He wants to give you a lot more than you could ever ask, think, or imagine," said Millie.

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Cheryl Wilcox is a 700 Club Producer.