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Following God’s Path to Success

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Dennis and Renee Savage are passionate about the nostalgia and design of classic cars. Their favorite is an American classic, and for good reason.

Renee shared, “We eloped in his 57 Chevy.”

Dennis recalled, “And I had named my 57’ Chevy, Blue Angel. It was beautiful. It had a white top. Under the carpet we found a wedding band. And we looked at each other and I said, 'hmmm, that might be a sign.'"

Renee said, “And we've been married now 55 years.”

In the beginning of their marriage, Dennis struggled to find employment. He inspected poultry for the US Department of Agriculture and when that job ended due to downsizing, he worked in a factory. Renee worked part time in retail. With three small children the couple found it difficult to make ends meet.

Renee remembered, “We were down to tomato soup and popcorn basically for the kids. It was horrible. I just laid down on my bed one night and I just cried out to God, and I said, 'where are you?'”

Dennis recalled, “I felt like a colossal failure. Because I couldn't support my wife with the money she needed to help us raise the kids and pay the rent and everything else we had to do.”

Dennis and Renee started going to church and gave their hearts to God. They learned the principles of tithing and began tithing right away.

Renee recalled, “The whole premise was that God would bless you also if you gave what belonged to Him back to Him. And He only asked for 10%. And when you follow His word, He then blesses you in abundance. You couldn't ask for anything better.”

Dennis said, “It’s a universal principle. Anybody can use it. And it works. We do it because it’s in our heart to give.”

Unemployed, Dennis pursued a communications degree. Renee also went to college to study marketing and business. After she graduated, she became a district sales manager for a fortune 500 company. The couple fulfilled a dream when they were able to buy a farm.

Renee recalled, “And we actually had enough money to be able to put a down payment, on the farm and to be able to afford a mortgage.”

The Savage’s provided for their family on Renee’s salary. The couple continued to tithe and support other ministries, including CBN.

Dennis recalled, “700 Club broadcasts, they broadcast the whole gospel.”

Renee shared, “CBN is there with Operation Blessing to make sure people get food, get water, get teams to share the love of God. That to me is the most amazing thing about CBN. What better use of your money? I don't need another couch. I don't need another chair. I don't need another thing in my house. I don't need a bunch of junk, but I can save a life.”

Today, on his Youtube channel called, 'Bring em’ back to life,' Dennis goes to old salvage yards full of antique cars showing people where they can buy parts for their restoration projects.

Dennis shared, “People all over the world love American Iron. They call it. Now I've got over 21,000 subscribers and I've got millions of views in 54 countries. It's really touching.”

Dennis is able to bring in income from his channel. The Savages paid off their home and their farm. Today, they are retired and continue to enjoy God’s blessings in their lives …because of their giving!

Dennis said, “For some people it's just not possible for their mind to wrap around giving 10% of money away. So start with something and make a commitment.”

Renee said, “All of it belongs to God. It's such an amazing blessing to be able to know that you're supporting God's work.”

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