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 First Abandoned—Now Loved!

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After Srey Ni’s parents abandoned her, she went to live with her grandmother, who was also raising Srey Ni’s cousins. “I had to take care of my cousins every day. Grandma Oeun was busy selling things, so she didn’t have any time for me. That made me feel sad and lonely,” shared Srey Ni.

One day, a neighbor invited her to an after-school program supported by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. Srey Ni said, “I was very happy and excited to go. I was able to make new friends. The teacher welcomed me and I was excited to learn.” The afterschool program at the church was the first time she ever heard about Jesus through CBN’s Superbook. Srey Ni said, “I watched the story about when Jesus was born. It taught me that God loves me and that Jesus came to earth for me.”

After watching the story, she prayed with her teacher to become a Christian. Srey Ni said, “I love you Jesus and believe You will forgive me and fill me with Your love.” Immediately she said her life began to change. She became more loving towards her grandmother and her cousins. “Every morning, I prayed for my cousins and grandmother to know Jesus. I also took one of my cousins to watch Superbook. He and her grandmother become Christians.

Srey Ni said, “I am very happy that God heard my prayers for them and did such a great miracle.” Grandma Oeun added, “Srey Ni has changed. She became a good student and even helps me around the house.” Srey Ni is not lonely anymore. She said, “I know God loves me. God used Superbook to bring 'God’s Love' to me, my cousin, and grandmother.”

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CBN International Managing Director for The 700 Club | Ken's been telling stories as a producer and writer for nearly 40 years. Currently, he manages and mentors media teams based in countries worldwide that provide stories about the work of CBN, Operation Blessing, and Orphan’s Promise for The 700 Club and other media platforms. He is married with four adult children and nine grandchildren.