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Choosing God’s Grace Over a Shaman’s Chants

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When Mrs. Zhou found out she was going to have a baby, she went to see a shaman.   

“He put rice, an egg, and money in a bowl and began chanting that my child would have plenty of food, health, and wealth,” Mrs. Zhou recalls.

Yet soon after Jingchen was born, he got sick.

“He started vomiting, and his diaper was covered in blood. I was terrified,” Mrs. Zhou confesses. “The local doctors just gave him treatment for his bowel.  But a week later, Jingchen wasn’t better.”  

Mrs. Zhou returned to the shaman.  

“He had us kill some chickens and said they would take the devil's curse meant for Jingchen,” she remembers.

After this, things got worse.  There was no bowel movement, and as Jingchen lost weight, his stomach got more bloated.  

Mrs. Zhou shares, “Jingchen’s breathing got weak, and I started wondering if the gods really existed and heard me.”  

Mrs. Zhou contacted her husband who works out of town, and he told her to bring Jingchen to a city hospital for help.  

“The doctor there said he had an obstruction at the beginning of the large intestine, and he had an infection,” reports Mrs. Zhou.

Without surgery, Jingchen could die.  So, the Zhous tried to borrow money for an operation, but they came up short.  

Mrs. Zhou shares, “I cried and said, ‘Baby, there's nothing we can do to save you.’”

Then a doctor told the Zhous about Operation Blessing.   

“He said Operation Blessing is a charity that specializes in helping needy families,” exclaims Mrs. Zhou.  I saw on the application, and it said, ‘Give help, bring hope’, and right then, I had hope.”

You helped make it possible for Jingchen to get surgery.  

“Now he can eat and digest food normally.  He’s gained weight and has lots of strength,” Mrs. Zhou expresses.    She concludes, “An Operation Blessing volunteer prayed for Jingchen.   She said there’s a God who loves my baby and our family. He doesn't seem to be like the gods we know. He died for us.  I don't understand it all yet, but I know his name is Jesus.  I really appreciate the Operation Blessing donors for helping my baby.  Now Jingchen can grow up healthy, and our lives are full of sunshine.”

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Zsa Zsa Palagyi
Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa Palagyi loves to tell stories about the Lord. Originally from California, she moved to NYC to work in TV, where she committed her life to Christ and was later called into Christian media. Now a CBN producer and Christian radio on-air personality, she seeks authenticity and enjoys art, culture, travel, fitness, fashion, the beach, and cats.