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$300,000 in Debt and No Way to Pay

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Anita Ling is a busy real estate investor who manages over eighty properties, but she always finds time to help others.  Recently, she went to Peru for a missions trip.

Anita states, “I’m so grateful to be able to do a little bit of something. That’s my 'why.'  That’s my purpose.”

Anita’s favorite part is helping out the local children.  She’s given them bikes, soccer balls, and copies of CBN’s Superbook.

“I especially love Superbook,” she says while she smiles, “which I believe is a great way to introduce kids to Jesus.”

Anita says she works hard so she can have these chances to give to others. But a few years ago, she was having problems supporting herself.

When the housing crisis hit, Anita’s tenants couldn’t pay the rent.  And by 2009, she was $300,000 in debt.

She remembers, “I was stuck with all these mortgages, no income, and I just didn't know how I was going to maintain it.”  

Anita filed for bankruptcy and could barely afford groceries.  Later, a friend introduced her to the 700 Club.

“It really gave me a lot of encouragement.” Anita says, “And I was very emotional when I hear some of the stories. And also seeing all the good work that they’re doing around the world.”

Anita became a CBN partner.  And since then, she has seen her income grow.

Anita states, “The few years before that, I always end up with about two, three, $4,000 left in my personal account at the end of each year. In 2017 when I started to tithe that year, at the end of year, I had 10 times that amount.

I had $39,000 and change in my account at the end of the year. And that's the most money I ever had in my life saved up.”

Anita is thankful for the blessings of the last few years, and she’s glad she’s placed her finances in God’s hands.

 She says, “If I leave it all to God, He would take care of everything, He really does.“

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Karl Sutton

Karl Sutton has worked in Christian media since 2009. He has filmed and edited over 200 TV episodes and three documentaries which have won numerous film festivals and Telly awards. He joined CBN in 2019 and resides outside Nashville with his wife and four kids. He loves cycling, playing music, and serving others.