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Aging Gracefully with Model Kim Alexis

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Now in her 60’s, Kim is determined to age as naturally and healthfully as possible, and to help others to do likewise. Through personal research, she’s learned a lot about what’s beneficial to put in and on our bodies, and what’s not. For example, she’s decided not to color her hair, use fillers (e.g. Botox), or have plastic surgery. Kim believes we can all age more naturally through daily choices about food, avoiding toxins, exercising, and educating ourselves about what’s truly good for us.   


As people age, many begin to have thyroid problems, caused by the gland producing too much or too little of the thyroid hormones. Kim struggled for years with the effects of low thyroid. She encourages everyone to have bloodwork done to test their levels and then supplement if needed. Some of the many symptoms of low thyroid (hypothyroidism) are: less stamina and energy, often feeling cold, cold hands and feet, dry skin, foggy thinking, gaining weight. Those of an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) include: excessive sweating, nervousness /agitation, rapid heart rate, weight loss, and decreased concentration. Kim advises seeing an endocrinologist, a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating gland issues, to address any problems.  


“Cheat Eat” is a term Kim came up with to describe having a healthy mindset toward food, learning how to substitute good ingredients for bad ones, and being prepared. She believes being committed to healthy eating and maintaining control of our diets is the starting point. We can then learn countless substitutions which will leave us feeling satisfied, but healthier. Some swaps that she recommends are: vegetable juice (not fruit, which has a lot of sugar) instead of coffee as a daily routine; celery juice instead of sugary sports drinks; club soda or seltzer instead of soda; oat, almond, amaranth, or any other non-gluten flour instead of wheat flour; natural Stevia instead of sugar; applesauce instead of eggs, if one can’t eat them; coconut or olive oil instead of butter. Having healthy items on hand makes it much easier to substitute. Kim keeps nuts, oils, spices, and her other favorites in her pantry.  

“I believe that detoxifying the body from harmful chemicals is more important now than ever before,” Kim says. “An overload of unwanted chemicals in the body can cause numerous health concerns.” She offers several ways to deal with it: 
•    Detox foods. Staying away from processed foods, eating beets, broccoli, and fresh garlic, drinking lemon water, adding flaxseed to food. 
•    Learn and avoid harmful additives, preservatives, and colorings in food.  A few examples are aspartame, BHA, sodium nitrate, sulfites, Blue #1 and #2, Red #2 and #3.  
•    Shop for clean food. Research and find the stores and farms that carry healthy, minimally-processed choices.  
•    Cleanses. Kim recommends organ cleansing, and suggests recipes for colon, liver, kidney cleanses and baths for total skin cleanses.  
     Kim also recommends several apps which offer information on what’s actually in our food, such as EWG, THINK DIRTY, and YUKA.  


At age 29, Kim had two little boys, ages four and one, and was going through a divorce. She was also hosting the show Healthy Kids for the Family Channel in New York, and needed help with child care. By putting an ad in the paper near her Florida home, Kim thought she’d get “healthier” options than in New York. She received a number of responses, and met with the most promising applicants. “One girl came to the interview, told me her name and said, ‘God told me I am going to work for you. My bags are packed and in the trunk!’” Kim remembers, “I was speechless as I thought God stopped talking after He wrote the Bible, and I had no idea she could hear from Him but after the interview she did seem like the right person, so I hired her. Who was I to argue with God?”  

As hoped, the nanny was great with her boys and even witnessed to the homeless on the streets. “She opened my eyes to a relationship with God. I thought I was fine since I grew up in a church. She played Christian music in my NYC apartment and it was grating on my nerves. I couldn’t understand why. She was always happy and loving. Finally one day, I said to her, ‘I don’t know what you have but whatever it is, I want it too.’ She led me to Christ right then and there.” 

To learn more about Kim Alexis' healthy and clean lifestyle habits and to purchase her book, Super Health, please visit her website:

Kim also contributes articles to Men's Journal.

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