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Obed Gomez: Painting the Birth of Christ

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In his home country, Obed Gomez is known as the "Puerto Rican Picasso." This award winning artist gained worldwide popularity with his magnificent painting "Los Reyes Magos," which depicts the journey of the wise men to visit the Christ child.

However, before Obed was a famous artist, he was a talented man who faced a crushing disappointment.

"My dream was always to be an animator for Disney studios, and that’s what brought me to the United States. I wasn’t able to make it as an an animator for Disney because it seems the portfolios I brought didn’t meet their standards."

This setback threw Obed into a deep depression. He even put aside his paintbrush.

"I closed myself off my from everything. I didn’t want to work anymore. I wasn’t happy. I was always either sad or out of sorts," he remembers.

A family friend invited Obed to church. He went, but with great skepticism.

"I did not believe there was a God who could help me. But my suffering became so great, I finally asked God to do whatever He wanted with me," says Obed.

The following Sunday at church, Obed responded to the call to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior.

"Suddenly, I felt something in my heart. I still remember ... it was a voice, not audible, but a voice in my heart that said, 'Are you ready?' And my reaction was, 'Yes, I’m ready.' I heard, 'Well then, go forward.' I went forward, and from that time on, my life began to change."

Obed’s art changed as well.

"God plays an essential role in my art. Before I begin to paint, I put my hands on the canvas, and I ask the Lord to inspire me and for him also to touch the canvas and create through me a work that will carry a positive message to the viewer."

Obed’s greatest work, “Los Reyes Magos” was born through a new understanding of the love of God and the true meaning of Christmas. The wise men have a special place in Obed’s heart.

"They had everything, but looked in humility at the Christ child, making the journey and presenting themselves to Him and offering Him gifts. And I compare it to today, how each of us has something special to give to the next generation."

Obed gives his gifts back to the One who gave him new life.

"My life with God today is full of praise and thanks. I talk to Him all the time. I ask Him for peace and to help me do work that will bring Him honor," he says.