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Extraordinary Meals on a Budget

Extraordinary Meals on a Budget

How do you show love to those you most care about? Do you spend time with them or give them gifts? Maybe you perform acts of kindness to remind them of your love.

If you ask celebrity chef and author, Lexy Rogers, how she shows love, she would say, “Cooking for others.” She calls it her love language and she shares it daily with her husband, their four children, and her community. She credits her Aunt Lovie and her grandmother, Mama Anne, for helping to develop her love for cooking.

From the age of eight, in a tiny, rustic kitchen, Rogers would watch as these joyous and creative women expressed their love for their family by turning everyday ingredients into extraordinary, “warm-your-belly,” nourishing meals.

She learned at an early age that budget food can taste amazing as long as you know how to correctly use the ingredients.

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