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CBN Resource Ultimate Backyard Barbecue Sauce

Ultimate Backyard BBQ

Are you ready to up your BBQ game this summer? Whether you're a weekend warrior, a total novice, or a seasoned pro, we've got you covered! Get ready to "get your grill on" with the Ultimate Backyard BBQ brochure!

Our brochure provides you with a sampling of Southern Living's Ultimate Book of BBQ, you'll have access to mouth-watering, top-rated recipes for barbecued meats and sides, complete with step-by-step photos and easy-to-follow instructions. No more boring burgers and basic chicken. We'll teach you how to create pit-proven, finger-lickin' good dishes that will have your guests begging for more!

The book is more than just recipes. We'll take you on a journey exploring the history and art of BBQ across the Southern states of America. You'll learn from the best, including pitmaster Christopher Prieto, who has won 9 grand championships and numerous awards. He's the real deal, and he'll teach you everything from dry rubs to brining to injecting meats. Plus, he'll share his secret techniques for creating mouth-watering, melt-in-your-mouth dishes.

And don't worry if it rains on your BBQ parade. We've got you covered with our "Rainy Day BBQ" chapter, which includes stovetop, oven, and slow-cooker options for year-round smoking, grilling, and barbecuing.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our Ultimate Backyard BBQ brochure today and impress your friends and family with your newfound BBQ skills. With this guide, you'll be the ultimate grill master in no time!

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