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Perfect Timing: Discover the Key to Answered Prayer

What are you asking of the Lord? What’s your heart’s desire? If God isn’t answering your prayers is there something different you can do to receive an answer?

Prayer is an essential part of our relationship with God. Yet, too often we neglect this vital bridge of communication with heaven. In many cases, we don't pray because we don't know exactly how to pray, what to ask -- or how often.

Many times we think that God has failed to answer a prayer and that He has not honored His Word, when He actually is working out something in our lives far greater than we had imagined possible. During these difficult seasons of waiting, we must be patient and bear in mind that His ways are far beyond ours.

Perfect Timing: Discover the Key to Answered Prayer provides invaluable advice on God’s timing and plan in answering our petitions that we present Him with.  When you fully rely on Him you can enjoy the rich blessings He has planned just for you.

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