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Ten Laws for Success

Experience life in abundance by knowing - and using - God's laws for success!

Gain life-changing insights and follow a systematic plan to help you achieve God’s best in your life. Get your hardcover copy and audiobook of Ten Laws for Success—plus your exclusive copy of Practicing the Ten Laws for Success workbook. Discover the powerful biblical principles that can transform your life and help you achieve success both now and for eternity.

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Ten Laws for Success

These ten profound keys will help:

  • Lead you to a successful, prosperous, and meaningful life
  • Bring your family blessings and economic success
  • Show you the winning principles of leadership and personal growth
  • Help you grow in perseverance and reap its rewards
  • Open the path to healing, blessings and, most important, enhance your relationship with God Himself

"I have learned that when Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God, makes a clear statement that is not limited to time, place or recipient - that statement becomes a fundamental law that is as powerful as the law of gravity." -Pat Robertson


Get Your Copies Today

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Get the Ten Laws for Success: Keys to Win in Work, Family, and Finance Book and companion workbook, exclusively for CBN partners, it's our gift to you when you join The 700 Club. You will also receive instant access to listen to the audiobook online, plus the companion workbook.