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Stacie Ruth Stoelting

Contributing Writer

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Stacie Ruth Stoelting is not concerned with political correctness-she is concerned about correcting politics.  Her faith drives her, and her patriotism remains contagious. Stacie Ruth grew up in small-town Iowa where she quickly embraced a love for faith in Christ, family, and freedom.

Stacie Ruth has sung for President and Mrs. George W. Bush and several other leaders. She has been pictured in major media (i.e. The New York Times and USA Today), written a book (Still Holding Hands) at age 15, and keynoted conferences since she was a teenager. Stacie Ruth and her sister, Carrie Beth, encourage patriotism and veteran appreciation through word and song.

Stacie heads up an online prayer group called Praying Pals where thousands of Americans pray for our country, servicemen and women, veterans, and leaders. Learn more at You can also sign up for their monthly newsletter at .

Today, Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth make a great team. Together they speak and sing on TV and radio nationwide. Stacie Ruth is a committed patriot and zealously encourages patriotism in others.