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Sharon Crittenden

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Sharon Crittenden was born in Rochester, New York. She is an Award-Winning and Amazon Best Selling author of "war room" prayers in her books Prayer Plus Faith Equals Miracles: 31 Days of Fervent Prayer and Guard Your Heart: Strategies to Kick the Enemy Out of Your Life. When she is not writing, she serves as a pastor’s wife, top motivational speaker, radio host, director of Rhema Word Press, and mother of two. Sharon has appeared on numerous radio and television news channels in an effort to share her passion for writing with the overall goal of helping people live better lives.

In 2018, Sharon was the recipient of the bronze medal for best non-fiction, inspirational religious books. She was also a finalist for the Book Excellence Awards and recognized for best e-book.

Sharon's compassionate demeanor is a refreshing approach that allows her to inspire Christian believers throughout the world. Particularly, she is deeply passionate about empowering and refining Christian women.

Her love for helping all mankind allows her to authentically connect with Christians and non-Christians alike.

Her ministry, A Helping Hand Urbana exists to equip people with tools such as prayer, fasting, and worship to create positive and lasting inner change. She believes that everyone can benefit from a personal growth mindset, especially those that are having difficulty connecting and walking out the Word of God.

Aside from everything else, Sharon Crittenden is not motivated or driven by sales, awards and achievements. Her goal is to restore and rebuild people who have suffered from set-ups, set-backs and disappointments.

She is by far superficial and will not hesitate to turn down any opportunity that does not fall in sync with her belief systems as a minister of the Gospel. She spends the bulk of her time with her family and serving as the first lady and ordained missionary at Rest-Oration Church in Urbana, Illinois. She is humbled by every major success as a result of her writing and truly grateful for every victory won while overcoming the enemy’s traps, tricks and plans.