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Pauline Hylton

Contributing Writer

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Pauline Hylton is a freelance writer and exhausted farmer who lives outside of Mayberry on an old tobacco farm. She and her husband Tom tried farming full time, but ran out of back. Now Tom works, and Pauline stays home and eats dark chocolate. She has company: a standard poodle, two mutts, a lion-kitty, and a whole “mess” of chickens. Oh yeah, and there’s Molly, the great Pyrenees guards the chickens 24/7, and she’s good at it.

When she doesn’t eat one.

Pauline’s looking toward heaven, while laughing on earth.

She loves her Lord, her family, and dark chocolate—not necessarily in that order.

Pauline's book Growing in Christ From the Ground Up chronicles her years as a mediocre farmer teaching her that true growth comes from the inside.