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Patricia J. Frost

Pat, an emeritus missionary, lives at the Martha Franks Baptist Retirement Community in Laurens, SC. For 35 years, she was a single missionary employed by the International Mission Board, SBC. She experienced God’s call to serve Him as a career missionary while in high school.

Pat grew up in a small rural community in western Arkansas. She first developed a relationship with God and turned her life over to Him in her hometown church. She learned that God is in control and everything happens for a reason.

During the summers at university and seminary, she was a summer missionary; first in Oregon on the coast, teaching in vacation Bible schools and doing survey work for the churches. The next summer, she was on a team of students appointed to work in Queens, New York City. The following summer she worked in southern California, and the summer after that in an inner-city church in Columbus, Ohio. Such varied experiences in widely differing places helped prepare her for overseas career missions.

Also published on Christian Devotions and in Voices of the Faithful (2005) by Beth Moore.