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Mánus Baird

Mánus’ mission is to love his wife well and to encourage and strengthen other men, two things that he does imperfectly but passionately nonetheless. He was raised in church and made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ at the age of 12, a decision from which he has never turned back. Mánus finds his calling in connecting with other men, encouraging them to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Along with a couple close brothers, Mánus has helped to launch The Warrior Poets, an as yet informal collection of men intent on worshiping God. The desire of the Warrior Poets is to abandon pretense and band together in three-strand cords, which are not easily broken, with the sole aim of reconnecting the hearts of men to the heart of God. Mánus finds his solace in quiet contemplation, singing, writing, and laughing as deeply and as often as possible.