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James E Ward


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James Ward is a pastor, author, visionary, and entrepreneur who has emerged as an international, conscionable voice of spiritual and moral authority. Because of his unique Zero Victim, Biblical perspective, his involvement is highly sought after by corporate, government, and thought leaders, in mitigating the complex challenges surrounding racial and socio-political issues. He is known for his keen insight into the social complexities of spirituality and intersectionality.

As a speaker, James emphasizes Christian character and leadership development, while intellectually challenging listeners with proven wisdom based upon Biblical principles. He is a strategist and advocate for holistic social healing, renewal, reconciliation, and transformation. 

In his book, Zero Victim: Overcoming Injustice With a New Attitude, James shares a universal principle that has fueled his success in every area of life—the development of a Zero Victim mindset. He is the founder of the Zero Victim Community Development Corporation, an apolitical, Christian, activist organization that exists to alleviate and prevent the victimization of those most vulnerable in Black America.

James is pastor and founder of INSIGHT Church in the north Chicago suburb of Skokie. He and his wife Sharon have been married for twenty-one years and have two wonderful children, Hannah and Jonathan.