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Dave Holland

Dave Holland lives to help people become more like Jesus. It is his mission to Love God and Love People. He has been serving God for almost 50 years. Pastoring churches for over 38 years, he learned that the church and Jesus are not the same. Jesus is the sole foundation of Christian living.

Dave planted a thriving church in Brockton, Massachusetts, starting with just sixteen people and from that church, mothered seven other congregations in Massachusetts. He also pastored a church in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, that grew to near a thousand people in its constituency.

While living in New England, Dave learned to love Catholics, Protestants, and Christians from many different persuasions. He learned that God has children among every kindred, tongue, and tribe.

Dave came to faith in Christ as a sixteen-year-old in Los Angeles. He attended Life Pacific College graduating in 1979 and was ordained by the Foursquare Movement in 1981. While pastoring in New England, Dave received his Master of Arts Degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary graduating Magnum Cum Laude in 1997. He currently speaks in seminars, conferences, and churches.

Dave studied the Gospel of Luke for over ten years while writing the first book in the Daily Jesus Series. Every Day Jesus covers the first five chapters of Luke over forty days. The second book, Extraordinary Jesus, dealing with Luke 5-9, goes to print in October 2020.