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Carol A. Brown

Carol is retired from the College of Education East Carolina University. Her career began in Little Rock, Arkansas teaching second-grade Sunday School. This led to a love of teaching and the very long quest to teach in a university.

When she earned her doctorate from the University of Memphis in 1999, she knew the only place to look for a position was east of the Mississippi. She knew God was leading her to the Carolinas and closer to family.

After twenty years of teaching teachers to be the best they can be, she is devoting her time to storytelling and tutoring non-English-speaking children in her community. She has served her church in Greenville, North Carolina as a teacher, spiritual formation leader, choir member, and tutor in an afterschool program. She is especially thankful for mission trips to Moldova, Brazil, Belize, and Nicaragua. “Children are the same everywhere,” she says. “They all need love and patience.”