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Beebe Kauffman

When Beebe Kauffman taught a fourth-grade VBS, a young man announced his opinion that “God is boring.” Beebe and the class spent the next four days brainstorming God’s roles as Father, Savior, Lord, and Friend. At the end of the week, the young man’s opinion had changed. That formed the basis of her writing. Bible studies and all Scripture-based writing should never be boring. They should show the personal relevance of God’s word to life today, and the warmth, love, and personal involvement in our lives of its Author.

Beebe is the chief editor of Refresh Bible Study Magazine, a co-founder of Lighthouse Bible Studies, and a co-director with her daughter Katy Kauffman, of the annual Enrich Conference for Bible Study Writers, Speakers, and Teachers that is held in northern Georgia.

She has written two award-winning Bible studies, Isaiah: Setting Things Right—Chapters 1-6 How can we cooperate with God to set things right in our hearts, minds, and daily lives? and A Whole Lot of Wonderful—Application of the New Testament for Today. Beebe enjoys spending time with family and friends, making homemade greeting cards, and encouraging writers to add to the Christian voice in the world.