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Watch As a Family Torn Apart by War Has Tearful Reunion


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Separated by war for three years, a South Sudanese mother and her children had a miraculous reunion not long ago.

In 2014, Nyawan Gat Chai left her three boys with a neighbor while she attended a wedding just miles away. They never thought their country would suddenly plunge into civil war just days after she left. When news spread of rebels murdering, raping, and destroying towns, the boys were left with two options: flee or be killed. 

The boys fled to the protection of a United Nations camp while their mother crossed the border into Ethiopia, unsure of the fate of her children. It took three years and a virtual miracle, but they were finally reunited in March.

                                    Watch the Tearful Reunion Below

"We have to learn about each other again," Nyawan told CBS News. She was unable to hold back the smile that kept creeping on their face. "It's been bad, but now I can be with them always."

The emotional scene is a very different one from just three years earlier, when Chai thought her children were dead. 

She had given up hope, but a miracle happened and the International Committee of the RED Cross traced Chai and her boys down. It wasn't long before they took their first airplane ride to Maiwut to attend a reunion they never thought they'd have. 

The only sound to be heard were the sobs they all cried when they saw each other for the first time in what felt like centuries. But this time, the tears are not tears of sorrow, but of joy. 

Now, their dreadful past creeps farther away as they move towards a new future together. 

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