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US Strikes Deal to Purchase Nuke Material from Iran


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The U.S. has struck another deal with Iran over its nuclear program.

The Obama administration has agreed to buy 32 tons of nuclear material, called "heavy water," from the Islamic regime.
The Wall Street Journal (ITALICS) reports the purchase is aimed at helping Iran quickly reduce its nuclear stockpile.

But Rep. Ed Royce, R., Calif., chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, is suspicious of the deal.
In a letter to Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, he's raised concerns Iran could use the money from the U.S. to fund its nuclear program or terror groups.

"What assurances can you provide that U.S. taxpayer funds that Iran receives through this purchase will not be used to fund Iran's nuclear program…or Tehran's destabilizing activities in Iraq, Syria Lebanon and elsewhere?" Royce asked.

According to the State Department, the heavy water will be stored at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and later resold on the commercial market for research purposes.

"This heavy water will fulfill a substantial portion of U.S. domestic demand this year for industry and domestic research applications. This material is not radioactive and does not present safety concerns," State Department spokesman John Kirby said.

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