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Seoul Spy Agency: North Korea Plotting Terror Attack on South


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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is reportedly preparing to launch a terror attack against South Korea, according to top officials in Seoul.

In a televised message, senior South Korean presidential official Kim Sung-woo said North Korea's spy agency has begun work to implement Kim Jong Un's order to "muster anti-South terror capabilities that can pose a direct threat to our lives and security."

He said the possibility of North Korean attacks "is increasing more than ever" and asked for quick passage of an anti-terror bill in parliament.

Worries over the north continue to grow after its recent nuclear test and rocket launch earlier this year.

South Korean intelligence officials say Un's spy agency has started to implement his order to carry out cyber and other attacks on South Korea.

The North has a history of attacking the South. In 2010, the North fired on the island, killing four South Koreans -- and in 1987 they bombed a South Korean passenger plan that killed all 115 people on board.

However, confirming the claims that Korea is preparing another attack is close to impossible. The South Korean presidential official did not say where the latest information came from.

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