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Passion for Christ Motivates Beijing Believers


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Chinese Christians are getting fired up for Christ. Recently, many Chinese believers traveled to Beijing to get together for one purpose – a Jesus celebration.

The gathering came as anxiety grows about the country’s unpredictable economy, and as the Communist Party meets in the capital city to finalize a new budget.

The Christians gathered to pray for government leaders and their nation. Believers in Beijing organized an exciting and vibrant worship service. Through the singing of worship songs, they asked the Holy Spirit to help Chinese officials understand the urgency of changing China into a Christian nation.

Some of the believers even invited non-Christian friends to join them. They believe it is time to introduce more Chinese to Christ.

“I am happy to be here with my friends. I don’t know a lot about Jesus. I didn’t know what to expect before I came. My friend told me it would be good for me and my life and I just felt peace as soon as I started to sing along the songs,” said one attendee.

Besides singing, worship leaders invited the attendees to pray passionately for each other. They also taught about the power of praying with one another.

One worship leader told CBN News China is facing a critical moment.

"We need to pray for our leaders. They need to understand faith is all we need. Believing in Jesus is good for us and the nation. I know God is listening to our prayers all the time,” she said. 

Chinese Christians will continue to organize worship services at various locations throughout the year. They are praying the Holy Spirit will touch more unbelievers, especially among government leaders.

Most importantly, they know miracles will happen through the uniting power of Christ.


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