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MUST SEE: Sun Unleashes Severe Solar Flares that Could Wreak Havoc on Earth


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The Sun unleashed its strongest solar flare in more than a decade early Wednesday, creating a shortwave radio blackout that lasted up to an hour over parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe on the sunlit side of the Earth.

Here's some amazing footage of the flare as it erupts from the Sun:

The Sun sent out two flares in three hours, the second of which  was rated an X9.3. That was the strongest since 2005.

The X-class is the most intense category of solar flares. An X2 is twice as strong as an X1, an X3 is three times as strong, and so on. An X20 flare was recorded in April of 2001.

Still, the modern era has not seen a truly powerful sunstorm, one that, as CBN News’ Mark Martin has reported, could truly wreak havoc on the Earth.


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