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Hindu Extremists in India Viciously Attack Christians While They Pray


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Hindu radicals are brutally attacking Christians for no other reason than for their faith. 

International Christian Concern reports that four Christian women were ambushed by a radical Hindu nationalist group while they gathered for prayer together in the Sarurpur village of India.

The mob severely injured the four women, plus a pastor's wife and daughter who were inside the home during the attack.

The wounds ranged from a leg fracture to a serious head injury. 

A police report was filed against the radicals, but no measures have been taken by the police against the offenders.

A Pentecostal pastor and his family were attacked recently by radicals while they were praying inside their house located in Faridabad, India.

Pastor Rajesh Gupta's wife was taken to the hospital for a broken hand and leg.

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Last month, Pastor Balwinder "Bagicha" Bhatti was found dead near a street in Ferozpur (Punjab). The Protestant pastor was ambushed, beaten, and fatally wounded in the back of the head with a sharp weapon.

And in June, Hindu radicals raided an educational facility that belongs to the Grace Assembly of God Church in Faridabad. The attackers placed a statue of a Hindu deity inside and continue to occupy the property.

The Hindus have remained there and continue to pray before the monkey-headed Hindu god, UCA News reports.

"They have neither moved the idol nor vacated the church property even after four days," said Minakshi Singh with Unity in Christ, a form of Protestant churches.

She says "intruders continue even now," believing that the police support the Hindu radicals. "We are going to initiate further legal action if the police fail to clear the property," Singh added.

The faith community is calling for justice to be served and for the violence against Christians to cease. 

Sajan K. George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) told Asia News that Indian Christians are being denied the freedom to pray. He explained that "Not everyone enjoys freedom of worship, even in the privacy of their homes. Not everyone enjoys the same privileges".

"In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, and its socio-economic repercussions, the Christian faithful live in fear of being attacked for spreading the word of Christ," George added.

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