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Christian Journal Takes Higher View of Foreign Policy


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Russia's move into Syria and alignment with Iran is a serious threat to U.S interests in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the rise of ISIS and other forms of radical Islam is pushing Christians out of their homes -- and the region.

As all this drasitc change takes place, some question the role of U.S. foreign policy in the world today, but a new magazine is offering answers to those questions and it's doing it from a faith perspective.

The Providence Journal provides an evangelical view on international issues of the day and offers biblical principles on how to shape foreign policy.

CBN News spoke with Mark Tooley, president of the Institute of Religion and Democracy, about the Church's responsiblity in foreign policy and why an evangelical voice is important.

"The world is in upheaval as it always has been for thousands and thousands of years," Tooley said. "Human nature has not changed. And so Christians should be accustomed to that and prepared for it."

Tooley explains that although evangelicals are among the most influential groups of activists and voters in America today, they are grossly underrepresented in the discussion of international affairs.

Hear Tooley's full interview as he shares how the Bible outlines the government's responsiblity to defend and protect and provide for the public.

"Providence, the magazine will try to provide guidance in terms of what the governmental policies can Christians advocate that would benefit the persecuted Christians and other persecuted persons," Tooley said.

The magazine aspires to use biblical teaching and Christian tradition to equip Christians with a realistic and hopeful way of viewing the world.

"God is not just concerned about us as individuals, but He does watch over communities, and the whole church and even nations and government and all those instruments are in His hands," Tooley said. "And so Christians ought to be concerned and interested in what is happening in government and nations around the world."

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