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Woman Who Says She Died and Went to Heaven Reveals God’s Haunting Words Before Her Return


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Dr. Mary Neal recently shared her fascinating experience of purportedly dying and visiting heaven — an event that left the once-skeptical doctor with a totally transformed perspective.

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In a recent appearance on “The Billy Hallowell Podcast,” Neal discussed some of the stunning things she says she saw after she died during a kayaking accident.

“I absolutely believe that God presents to each one of us that scene at that experience that we’ll understand, that will resonate with us, that will make us feel welcomed and loved and understood and known,” she said of heaven. “And the thing that has always moved my soul deeply is color and flowers and the intricacies of flowers and the aromas of flowers. And so that’s what I saw.”

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Neal continued, “This path was woven together and created out of every color of the rainbow and colors that don’t exist here. There were flowers, there was the aroma, and everything absolutely exploded with God’s love.”

She also revealed that God essentially told her that her son would later die, an event that did come to fruition.

Listen to Neal reveal what she saw and heard below:

Read more about her story here.

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