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'We Had Our Guardian Angels With Us': How Those Babies Are Doing After Dramatic Rescue


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The parents of two children rescued by good Samaritans who were trapped in a flooded and overturned truck are sharing their gratitude.

Millions watched the heart-stopping video of a group of strangers racing to save a baby and a toddler trapped in that flooded out truck.

"We had our guardian angels with us," said Emily Ocheltree, the children's mother.

But in a Facebook post, she also pleads with readers to "keep praying hard" for her babies' recovery.

Emily, her husband Phillip and their two children, 4-month-old Marshall and 18-month-old daughter Addyson, were trying to find a storm shelter Saturday in East Texas when their truck was washed off the road and flipped over in floodwaters.

Phillip was driving. He and his wife frantically tried to free their children from the vehicle.

"I'm banging on the roof just yelling, screaming 'Please get my kids out of the back of this truck,'" said Emily of the harrowing incident, in an interview with ABC News.

Out of nowhere, a group of strangers jumped in to help the family.

"We heard voices talking to us and they told us they were doing everything they could," Phillip told ABC.

"Everybody came together to get the doors open and to get the children out. It's mind boggling that people were able to do that for us," he said.

Some were crying out God in prayer. One woman can be heard repeatedly calling on the name of Jesus to work a miracle.

“In the name of Jesus, let him breathe Lord. Give that baby breath, Lord!”

“Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe. Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe,” an unidentified woman could be heard praying.

Thomas Mitchell recorded the video that has been seen over 16 million times, before jumping in to perform CPR on the children.

The Ocheltrees call him a hero, but he said he was just doing what anybody would do.  

"I don't feel like a hero now. I just felt like I was able to help some people out," said Mitchell.

Both children were taken to Children's Medical Center in Dallas. On Monday, 4-month-old Marshal was released. His sister Addy is still being treated, but is in stable condition.

"She's our fighter nonetheless," Phillip said.

"She's off the breathing machine, she's still on assist but she's laughing she's high-fiving and playing."

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