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Six-Year-Old Girl Drops Birthday Party to feed 125 Homeless People


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Armani Crews' birthday wasn't like most. Instead of presents, streamers, and cakes, she held a different kind of party for the less fortunate in her neighborhood.

Her mother, Artesha Crews, told ABC News she thought her daughter was just "joking." She says Armani begged for months to help the homeless people in her community. 

"I said, 'Okay, we'll make some sandwiches,' to which Armani said, 'No, I want the same thing we'd have at my birthday,'" her mother recalled.

The family bought cakes, cookies, water, mashed potatoes, green beans, chicken, fish, and spaghetti to deliver to the city's East Garfield Park neighhorhood. 

The Crews' local church also stepped in and donated tooth brushes, hand santitizer, and care packages. 

With the food and the presents set, the 6-year-old was ready to throw her big birthday party for the homeless. 

She had quite the turn-out and ended up feeding more than 125 people. 

 "She was excited. She was happy. Everybody was being fed," her mother said.

When asked why she did it, Armani's answer was simple. 

"It was nice to be nice," the little girl told ABC News.

Her birthday party was the start of something new. Now, the family plans on hosting another community meal "within the next couple of weeks."

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