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Saeed Abedini: 'You Don't Know How Strong Your Faith Is Until It Is Tested'


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Pastor Saeed Abedini, who was held captive in an Iranian prison because of his Christian faith, says he witnessed some Christian prisoners turn to Islam to better their situation, the Christian Post reports.

"During my time in prison, I saw so many religious and political prisoners who started out with very strong faith, thoughts and actions while going through so many changes in their country and world. I saw some Christians who were put in prison because they would not deny their faith and they kept doing their ministry," Abedini wrote in a Facebook post this week.

"But unfortunately, I saw some of these heroes of the faith weaken through the difficulties and hardships of prison," he continued. "I heard one of the Christians prayed Namaz Islamic prayer to make his situation easier. Some ended up in a divorce."

"I saw some political prisoners who started obeying the Intelligence Police of Iran to get free or make their situation easier in prison," he added.

"We do not know how strong our faith really is until it is tested," Abedini reflected.

Abedini said that during his first year in captivity, he helped a number of inmates convert from Islam to Christianity.

"Ten of the prisoners turned to Christ the first year, so the prison found out, the intelligence police found out, and they moved me to another prison where the situation was worse," said Abedini, who opened up about his prison experience to CBN News in February.

Despite the numerous beatings and torture he endured while in prison, the pastor said he found opportunities to evangelize every time he was moved around by authorities to a new prison.

But Abedini expressed that his efforts came with a price.

"Every people who became Christian with me, they start torturing them, separate me from them and the last two years they make me completely isolated," Abedini said.

In his message on Facebook, Abedini shared and encouraged Christians to finish what they start.

"Jesus has a reason for telling us to finish what we have started with Him and keep going forward in our biblical values. Our reward is waiting at the end of our journey," he wrote.

"I started a ministry that had thousands of people but so many are not serving the Lord anymore because they did not calculate the price to walk this road to the end," he continued.

He argued that although sometimes people want to blame others for causing them to fall away, each person has a responsibility to God.

"We should not turn back from God's calling on our life. Keep going, no matter what the circumstances. He is waiting at the end of this life's road to take your hand and say, 'Well done, good and faithful servant,'" Abedini concluded.

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