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Pastor in Awe as 1,614 People Are Baptized on Beach: ‘God Saved a Lot of People’

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A pastor whose church just baptized 1,614 people on a Florida beach called the incredible mass immersion an “amazing” testament to people’s newfound faith.

Pastor Joby Martin, founder and lead pastor of The Church of Eleven22, told CBN News his church hosts a large baptism every year, with 1,100 people participating in the 2023 event.

But Martin said this year was bigger than ever, with 50-60 people helping conduct the baptisms.

“God saved a lot of people, and those people were obedient to take the next step — to go public with their faith and declare Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior,” he said. “And just as amazing as the 1,614 people that got baptized are the … maybe 10,000 people from our church [who] showed up to celebrate it on the beach.”

Martin said the event was “like a big family reunion” and celebration for the church. He said it has been “a bit overwhelming” to see so much spiritual fruit and to take part in so much transformation.

“I had no idea when I got into ministry that I would get to be a part of anything like this,” Martin said. “And, obviously, [I] can’t take any credit whatsoever. We planted our church in 2012. Lots of people have come to Christ. The church has grown pretty exponentially.”

The preacher believes the stunning mass baptism is part of a bigger pattern of faith professions and baptisms observed across America right now.

“It just seems like God is doing a thing amongst his church,” Martin said. “It was super neat for us to be able to celebrate what He’s doing here with what He’s doing all over the place.”

He continued, “[We are] just overwhelmed with the goodness of God — that God decided to flex and God loves saving people. And it was a pretty surreal moment.”

While some people continue to debate whether America is at the start — or even in the middle — of a revival, Martin said one thing is for sure: “It was revival in those 1,614 individuals’ hearts.”

He said time will tell if it’s a national phenomenon, but he knows God has been “glorified in every individual” who professed faith through baptism.

Martin shared the story of one man who — based on his appearance alone — seemed to have a “pretty serious backstory.” As he was about to baptize the man during the event, Martin asked, “Who is Jesus Christ?” At that very moment, the man’s 10-year-old daughter was walking out into the water.

“She’s looking at her dad about to go under, and she’s just bawling,” Martin said. “And all I can think is, ‘This little girl has been praying for her dad … and she’s probably doesn’t have the words, but she knows what Paul says in Romans — that this guy, when he comes out of the water, he’s going to be walking in a newness of life.'”

He continued, “And I dumped that dude, and they embraced, and we all cried, and I know that that household has been revived.”

Martin encouraged Christians to pray for church leaders and for each of the 1,614 people who showed up to get baptized.

“I would always covet the prayers of people for me, and my family, and our elders, and our pastors, and our staff, because the enemy is not pleased,” he said. “We have an enemy who’s a thief. He wants to steal, kill, and destroy, and he is going to try to attack these people that have just come to Christ.”

Martin said the church will help these individuals take the next steps of obedience and get involved in Bible studies, disciple groups, and other efforts to help their spiritual formation.

Read more about the baptisms here.

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