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NOTE TO THE LEFT: Stop Whining Over Justice Kennedy, It's Your Own Fault


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Democrats are now powerless to stop President Trump's next Supreme Court nominee, and it's their own fault.
In 2013 – when President Obama ruled and the Democrats controlled the Senate – then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and current Minority Leader Chuck Schumer changed the Senate rules. Their move allowed a simple majority, rather than a 60-vote majority vote, to end a filibuster of judicial nominees. They didn't want interference from the Republican minority while they went about stacking the courts with liberal judges suitable to their agenda. 
Then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell warned the Democrats that they would regret the rule change. 
They do. The Wall Street Journal has jokingly dubbed former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Reid a "Republican mastermind." Unless the GOP trips itself up, it can cement a conservative majority on the Supreme Court before the November election.
In addition, the Democrats and the Left are to blame for transforming the Supreme Court from the relatively weak role intended by the founders to the most powerful body in the land, one in which five unelected justices can tell you and me how to run our lives, our families and our businesses. 
The Left helped to create this "monster" and now has lost control of it. It's staring into a future in which a solidly conservative court majority likely revisits and reverses social engineering cases like same-sex marriage and abortion, the likes of which the founders never intended the federal government to foist upon the American people. In the words of legal scholar Cass Sunstein, "Constitutional law is about to get an overhaul."
So, predictably, there is great "wailing and gnashing of teeth" on the Left over what they've done to themselves.
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said it was the end of the US Constitution.
The Washington Post laments "Republicans' increasing monopoly on American government." Yeah, because the creation of an activist judiciary was supposed to only serve a Left-wing agenda. 
It's called "blowback," and it's their own fault.
As a postscript, did anyone notice that at the very moment the Kennedy resignation was announced, the Left's concern for crying babies separated from their mothers at the southern border suddenly switched to concern over to the right of mothers to abort their babies?

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