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'A Move of God': Thousands Gather at Beaches, Rivers Across the US for 'Summer of Baptisms'

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Florida's beaches, the California coastline, the Texas Gulf, and rivers in the Midwest have become the epicenters for a massive baptism movement that kicked off across the country this weekend.

On Saturday, thousands joined revivalist and Core Group leader Jenny Weaver on the shores of Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, FL to praise and worship Jesus Christ during the "Summer of Baptisms" event.

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As CBN News reported, Weaver had asked members of her Core Group ministry to simultaneously host baptisms in Louisiana, Tennessee, California, Texas, and Missouri.

"The Lord spoke to me and He literally said, 'Summer of Baptism'," she shared in a Facebook video. "I saw us going to different places and doing baptisms."

More than 2,000 people signed up for the event across the country, and many hundreds were baptized. 

Weaver said what took place was, "Absolutely a move of God!"

Hundreds were baptized at Pirates Cove Beach in California.


In Ozark, Missouri, 130 people publicly gave their lives to Jesus Christ. 

And in Tennessee, 45 people were baptized.

Attendees have shared footage from the events and have remarked that what took place changed their lives. 

One person, who attended the baptismal event at Siesta Keys, shared that one beach bystander decided to give up alcohol and give his life to Jesus on the spot. 

Weaver previously told CBN News that having the baptisms on the beach on a holiday weekend was a strategic assignment from God. 

"When you use those holidays to travel, you get those people who are at the lakes and beaches for the holiday. So the whole purpose is to (reach) the lost," she shared.

Weaver shared that others came to the beach to party but left wanting more of God. 

"Yesterday we baptized a few people who smelled like they had been drinking," she wrote on Facebook. "They had tears in their eyes and said 'We don't want to live like this anymore. We need Jesus.' It was so surreal and they meant it, you could tell!!!"

The former witch-turned-minister told Fox News she is not just stopping at what took place this weekend, but has plans to continue this throughout the entire summer. 

"The plan is to go to as many places and allow people from all over to come and get baptized," she said. "People are wanting hope. People are desperate for a change and we believe they will find that in Jesus."

Weaver added that the message is simple – "Come get transformed."

"This is an eternal thing and people can find that the transformation is in Jesus," she told the outlet. "I am an ex-Wiccan. I was homeless. I was living on the street...and now I am completely changed and there is only one thing that did that and that is Jesus."

As CBN News reported, Weaver was given the directive to host the "Summer of Baptisms" shortly before baptizing more than 200 people on Easter Sunday on Clearwater Beach in Tampa, FL.

"Baptisms are sweeping the nation because it's what God is currently doing," she said last month. "Now is not the time to nick pick baptisms, it's the time to REJOICE because the harvest is READY!!!!"

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