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(Screenshot credit: GodBehindBars/YouTube)

Inmates in Maximum Facility Prison Break Out Into Worship in Powerful Scene: 'Jesus Is Winning'

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A Christian ministry recently released a video revealing what heartfelt praise and worship looks like inside a maximum security prison, with inmates joyfully raising their hands to the Lord and praying.

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The moving scenes were shared by God Behind Bars, an organization that partners with churches to help bring the Gospel to incarcerated men and women across the U.S.

The video, which includes mostly praise and worship, also features some positive and affirming messages inmates receive through God Behind Bars.

“Some of you guys in this room — this is one of the only moments that you just have your time with the Lord,” a speaker is seen telling 150 inmates who gathered inside a prison chapel. “It might always be chaos or noise … so I just want to take a moment and allow you guys … to just spend some time with Jesus, reflect, begin to think of things that you’re grateful for.”

After the prisoners ponder their blessings and speak out in gratitude, hands raise, and worship music fills the room. As the group openly reveres Jesus, cheers ring out.

“As we began to play ‘Gratitude’ by Brandon Lake, the spirit of the men worshipping changed,” a video description reads. “These incarcerated men began to cheer and clap as they sing ‘So come on, my soul … lift up your song, ‘Cause you’ve got a lion inside of those lungs, Get up and praise, the Lord.'”

Watch the powerful moments unfold:

This is hardly the first video or testimony to come from God Behind Bars, with the organization consistently sharing a flood of content on social media showing how inmates’ lives are changed by encounters with Jesus.

As CBN’s Faithwire previously reported, 130 prisoners were recently baptized due to the organization’s work, including 90 women at a federal prison.

God Behind Bars called it a “holy moment.”

“God is changing the lives of these women,” the ministry said. “Addictions are breaking, forgiveness is reigning, and Jesus is winning.”

Read more about the ministry here.

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