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Illegal Alien Accused of Child-Rape, Captured in NYC by This Heroic Citizen

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Good Samaritans in New York City sprang into action Monday night by bravely grabbing an illegal migrant who was wanted for the rape of a 13-year-old girl. They managed to restrain the suspect until police arrived.

Jeffrey Flores of Queens and his neighbors are being hailed as heroes after waiting for hours outside of a bodega for 25-year-old Ecuadorian Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi to show up and then holding him in a headlock until police arrived.

"The community was holding our perp," NYPD Chief of Detectives Joe Kenny told ABC News

Inga-Landi waived his Miranda Rights and told authorities he had a drug problem and had never done anything like this before.

He admitted to finding a large knife that he used to force a 13-year-old Queens girl and her schoolmate into Kissena Park before raping her. 

The girls eventually escaped and shared what happened with police, giving them a detailed description of Inga-Landi and a distinctive tattoo on his neck. 

"These victims gave crucial information that was needed to make this arrest," Kenny said.

Police released the sketch and also a video sharing the person was still at large. 

Flores and community members said they spotted Inga-Landi at a deli in Corona about two weeks ago and waited for him one night.

"I told everybody that this is the rapist," Flores told ABC News. "I punched him and I kicked him....he didn't see it coming."

Flores said Inga-Landi tried to escape but he used his friend's belt to tie up Inga-Landi's legs so he couldn't run. 

"He didn't deny [it[," Flores shared. "He started yelling 'help, help, help' and that is when I said, 'That is what the little girls were saying.'"

"Between the courageous work of those children, who are scarred for life, and the community, this person is off the street," Chief of Patrol John Chell told the outlet. 

However, Flores says he is not looking to take any credit, but he did what anyone would do. 

"I got two little sisters and I am about to have a daughter," he explained. "It's not right."

Inga-Landi is expected to be arraigned Wednesday and faces multiple charges including rape, sex abuse, robbery, menacing, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, and possession of a weapon.

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