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'Hope Fest' Floods California with Love of Christ: 'It's Just Crazy How Much Revival Is Happening'

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LOS ANGELES – There's hope for California and his name is Jesus – that was the message preached this past weekend at Hope Fest events all over the Golden State. Thousands were saved, baptized, and given a mandate to preach the gospel.

"I grew up in a lesbian household with two moms and had never heard the name of Jesus," explained 28-year-old Ross Johnston, a test tube baby who was raised by two lesbians. On Sunday here in L.A., he told the crowd of young people it's time for their generation to be bold for Jesus. Scores responded by rushing the stage to dedicate their lives to the Lord.

Johnston, who now helps to run the website California Will Be Saved, said, "In 2020, when all the craziness was happening in America, I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me, 'If you don't stand now Ross, when will you ever?'"  

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Here at Hope Fest L.A., many Gen. Zers received their marching orders to preach the gospel, heal the sick and love their generation back to Jesus.

Ivan Perez, 23, said, "People are looking for their meaning in life in all the wrong places and then we get to encounter them with the solution, which is Christ, you know."

Nineteen-year-old Lolo Rhinehart said, "I'm a missionary and I see all the ins and outs of what's going on and what Jesus is doing and even just behind the scenes it's just crazy how much revival is happening."

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Joel Mott, 26, also helps run the California Will Be Saved website. He says Gen Zers are looking for something real and aren't afraid of a challenge.

"Man, we were made for this! We were made, in the face of corruption and in the face of darkness, this is who we are as believers, we are the ones who shine the light of Jesus!" Mott said.

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In addition to running, Johnston and Mott also go around the state preaching and worshipping in places outside the church.

"There was a couple walking to a satanic ritual, they walked by, they heard the worship, they heard the gospel, they got saved and born again right there on the spot, I'll never forget it," Johnston said.

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Hope California was birthed from a dream where evangelist Mando Matthews saw 10 stadiums in 10 regions of California filled with people seeking Jesus. Sunday, that dream became real.

Matthews told CBN News, "We've seen hundreds baptized, hundreds saved, healed, delivered and it's just been incredible to watch, all the way from the top from Sacramento to San Francisco all the way down to La Paz in Baja, CA, it's been incredible. This generation needs to be saved, it has to be saved. If we don't save this generation, we lose America." 

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