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'The Lord Is Not Slowing Down': Revival Flames Spread in Texas and Alabama

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The flames from the Asbury Awakening are still burning as reports of revival come from the campuses of secular universities, high schools, and churches across the country. 

What some have referred to as a potential new Great Awakening within Christian history started as a spark on the campus of Asbury University in February, where thousands of Christians gathered for two weeks of Spirit-led worship, prayer, and repentance.

Since that time, the outpouring has spread around the U.S., especially opening the hearts and minds of young people. 

slider img 2More Signs of Revival of Texas A&M

As CBN News reported in late February, one of those places where the Holy Spirit has been felt is Texas A&M in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

The Inspire Broadcasting Network posted several new photos to Facebook on March 14 of students worshiping together at a recent outdoor service – singing, praying, and answering the gospel call by being baptized. 

"The Lord is not slowing down," Inspire wrote. "Texas A&M - Corpus Christi, Texas."

In a post dated the week prior, Kate Maddox Berrington, the administrator of the Texas A&M University Revival (Official Page) on Facebook, posted photos of students along with some older people praying and worshipping together beside Kyle Field, the university's stadium located in College Station. 

"After praying with intercessors over our area at 6:00, we headed over to campus to pray and watch to see what the Lord would do on campus tonight," Berrington wrote in an early morning post on March 7. 

"It was a smaller crowd. A bit disappointing, but what was beautiful was how many grey heads were scattered in the background. But there were also young teens. And even a few young children," she noted. 

"This move is bringing people together in support of our students. We all are hungry for the same thing. The same Person. Him.
After some worship, there was a call for prayer for unity in the Body of Christ. So, they all held hands and made one huge symbolic circle. And then everyone prayed at the same time! One Voice!" Berrington explained. 

She also noted a happy mood, then the group turned more serious, praying to the Lord for the hurting and the lost. 

"After a few fun ripples/jumps around the circle to close that out... you've gotta have fun, right? ... they then broke up into groups of 3 and 4 to pray for the hurting... for lost souls to come to know Him as their Lord and Saviour," Berrington noted. 

"It was so sweet to see not only the college students praying, but also the young kids praying, and the generations praying together. 
Watching this, I see that God is forging a spiritual army. Let us come together.  Generation with generation. Race with race. Denomination with denomination. People. His people. Not a generation. Not a race. Not a denomination. Just the Body of Christ," she continued. 

Berrington also added a note for the A&M students. 

"NOTE:  These students LOVE seeing grey heads at their meetings. It seems as if they crave us. Go. Love on them. Give them your time. Show them you care," she wrote. 

You can view Berrington's photos here

In addition, Berrington noted in a separate Facebook post that the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship on the A&M campus in College Station is holding a "Heavenly Highway" event March 16-18.  

The group is expecting between 500-600 college students across the state of Texas to attend. You can find out more about the event here

'SPONTANEOUS BAPTISMS' at Highlands College, Alabama

Meanwhile, the outpouring continues 679 miles away at Highlands College in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Dr. Malachi O'Brien, the pastor of The Church at Pleasant Ridge in Harrisonville, Mo., shared a video clip on Twitter Wednesday of students being baptized into Christ at Highland College. He explained the video had been sent to him by Kevin Bussey, a professor of Biblical studies at the college. 

"TESTIMONY. SPONTANEOUS BAPTISMS. God at work @HCollege," O'Brien wrote. "It's stories like this that increase our faith to believe God for MORE!  He is NOT done with GenZ. He has only begun."

"Our sons & daughters belong to JESUS. Even if you have a 'prodigal' and it looks like there is no hope. TRUST ME. There is," he added. 

O'Brien also wrote a post script to his followers. "PS- DM me if you have a story or video to share. I will. They encourage others MASSIVELY. The enemy hates testimonies like this."

Revival at High School in Washington

There has also been a report of revival at a high school in Washington state. A Twitter user posted photos of students praying and worshipping together. 

"REVIVAL in high schools!!  A high school in Washington and a middle school in Tennessee having a move of God.  It keeps spreading ️Thank you Lord. America needs this!" the user wrote. 

As CBN News reported, Grace Christian Academy, a middle school in Knoxville, Tennessee reported the results of the school's annual Discipleship Days as the school welcomed back its alumni. 

"WHAT A WEEK! The Holy Spirit has filled rooms and lives on campus this week as we welcomed alumni back on campus to lead #discipleshipdays. Incredible messages, intense worship, and nearly 30 lives eternally changed! Please join us in prayer that the spirit will continue to move in the lives of our students in the weeks and months to come. We thank the Master, we thank the Savior, we thank God!" the school wrote in a Facebook post on Feb. 17. 

Revival Must Start With the Church

In a short video clip posted to Twitter on March 13, evangelist Shane Pruitt explained the United States "will never experience revival, until the churches in our nation experience revival."

"Now how many of you agree our nation desperately needs revival?" he asked his audience, having them hold up their hands if they agreed with him. 

"But please hear me," Pruitt continued. "Our nation will never see revival until the churches in our nation see revival." 

"And our churches will never see revival until the individuals who make up the church see revival," he explained. "See revival always comes from God, but it always comes through his people. And if you go throughout church history, every time there is a Great Awakening or spiritual movement, it always started with a group of young people who got serious about following the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus."

"And I pray that would be you," Pruitt concluded. 

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