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This Group Is Spending $1M on Ads to Remind 'Woke' Companies Like Coke & Nike Who They Serve


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A conservative consumer advocacy group is putting companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, and American Airlines in their place for going "woke."

The Daily Wire reports Consumers' Research has released three attack ads that target each of the companies and remind them to serve their customers, not woke politicians.

The term "Woke" means being aware of alleged social injustice and supporting a left-wing agenda. As CBN News has reported, instead of just pitching their products, several companies today are pitching political causes. Liberal political causes. 

Consumers' Research said in a press release that their ad campaign, known as the Consumers First Initiative, is a major "name and shame" campaign against corporations that try to distract attention from their corporate failures by playing woke politics.

American Airlines Ad

The group said they are spending more than $1 million on the ads, which will air nationally on cable and digital markets as well as local markets where the companies are headquartered, as a part of the first phase of an ongoing campaign exposing companies that have increasingly put politics ahead of their customers.   

Coca-Cola Ad

"American Airlines shrunk legroom for passengers and laid off thousands of employees during the COVID pandemic while receiving billions in taxpayer bailouts. Coca-Cola and Nike have both been exploiting foreign, potentially forced, labor in China while American workers suffer. It is time these corporate giants were called to task," Will Hild, executive director of Consumers' Research said in a statement. "We are giving consumers a voice. These companies should be putting their energy and focus on serving their customers not woke politicians."

Nike Ad

An April poll from The Hill/HarrisX found that 61% of registered voters believe it's "not appropriate for corporations to engage in political speech." Only 39% said it's appropriate for corporations to be involved in political speech, according to The Daily Wire

But why are corporations willing to take political stands that could cost them business? Because many companies clearly don't believe it will.

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'Go Woke, Go Broke?'

But there is a phrase that says, "Go Woke-Go Broke," and when hundreds of companies signed a statement against election integrity laws, conspicuously absent from the list were Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola, companies that have both been threatened with either boycotts or punishment by lawmakers for their woke habits.

Stephen Soukup, author of The Dictatorship of Woke Capital: How Political Correctness Captured Big Business, believes market forces will eventually end the woke movement in corporate America. 

"Markets have a proven ability to sniff out a misallocation of capital, and I believe that they will in time punish the corporations and the managers who have pushed this," Soukup said.

Could This Lead to Persecution of Christians?

Journalist Rod Dreher, author of Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents, which warns that America is headed toward totalitarianism, believes the woke movement in Corporate America is not going away but could lead to a new social credit system like China's, one that sounds a lot like the "mark of the beast" in the book of Revelation, that punishes people for holding the wrong political views.   

"This is not paranoia," Dreher said. "These are things that are being talked about right now in Silicon Valley as something that would be good for America." 

Left-wing groups are now pressuring credit card and online payment companies to ban conservatives.

Dreher says, "Corporations like Walmart, Apple, and others are richer and more powerful than some countries in this world. Because they believe that they're fighting for virtue, they're going to use the power that they have within the corporations and every other institution to persecute the church." 

"People think I'm radical for saying this sort of thing, but I'm telling you, it's coming," Dreher said. 

Soukup says it's time for conservatives to engage and tell corporations to get out of politics. 

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