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A Green Utopia with $9 Gas: Is Biden Loving the High Fuel Prices After Vowing to 'End Fossil Fuel'?

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You may have seen stickers at gasoline pumps with a picture of Joe Biden pointing at the high gas price while saying, "I did that."

This is probably one thing for which Biden doesn't want the credit.  

White House Deflects Blame for High Gas Prices

The White House is blaming skyrocketing energy prices on the war in Ukraine. Prices began rising, however, the day Biden entered the White House, with his cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline and new moratoriums on oil and gas exploration.  

Critics accuse the White House of being secretly happy about record-high energy prices, as a way to force Americans off fossil fuels. 

This thought is catching on so much that now the media is calling it a conspiracy theory, like this USA Today headline: "Gas prices a plot to promote electric cars, conspiracy theorists say."

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says the White House is not happy about high energy prices but does see an opportunity.

"The bottom line is that this president and this administration are looking at every single tool to shield American families from the impact of rising energy prices," Granholm said. "And we're working through an energy transition and we've gotta start by adding energy. And the reality is we have to take some time to get off of oil and gas. We recognize this, this is a transition."

Candidate Biden Promised to 'End Fossil Fuel'

Biden has made no secret of his goal to end the oil and gas industry. 

In one 2020 campaign appearance, Biden told a young supporter, "I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee, I guarantee we're gonna end fossil fuel."

And during a 2020 debate with Donald Trump, Biden pledged, "No more subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period."

America Could Again Be Energy Independent If the White House Wanted It

And in just 14 months, America has gone from being energy independent under Donald Trump to a nation dependent on foreign oil, including Russian oil, even though the U.S. still has abundant energy resources.

"We have 250 years' worth of natural gas," says Economist Stephen Moore, "We have 500 years' worth of coal. We have 150 years' worth of oil. We're not running out of it. We just need to drill for it, and that's not happening right now."

Energy analyst Ben Lieberman at the Competitive Enterprise Institute says, "Not everything that affects the price of gasoline is within a president's control, but everything that is within President Biden's control, he's been doing wrong."

Lieberman says, "There was also a major multi-agency effort on the part of the Biden Administration to discourage banks from lending to oil and gas companies. That's important as well. (The oil and gas industry) can't do these projects unless they can get the financing. And that's something that the Biden administration has clamped down on."

Despite White House rhetoric, critics say little is actually being done to bring down prices. Biden's Transportation Secretary says if you don't like high gas prices, you should buy a $60,000 electric car.

'I Have Never Seen a Politician Be so Cavalier About Gas Prices'

Steve Malloy, editor of the website, says despite the White House rhetoric, Biden seems to be trying to keep energy prices high. He explains it here: "Biden's America-Wrecking Climate Agenda."

"I have never seen a politician be so cavalier about gas prices," Malloy says. "He right now has a ban, in defiance of a federal court order, on new oil and gas leasing on public lands. He is doing everything he can to make oil and gas production more difficult, more expensive. And why is he doing that? Because the most important thing to Joe Biden, it seems, is his climate agenda."

House Democrats now want the White House to declare a climate emergency, banning all drilling on federal lands.  

Meanwhile, White House officials remain focused on transitioning to green energy. 

EPA Administrator Michael Regan said recently the White House is "pressing the accelerator to reach a zero-emissions future sooner than most people thought."

But in Western Europe, which is much farther along in the transition to green energy, gasoline prices today are over $9 a gallon.

That's probably not the kind of energy future most Americans want.

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