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'The Great Recital': 5 Days of Speakers Reciting Entire New Testament from Memory


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It's a biblical tradition that goes back thousands of years. 

The Bible's Old Testament contains many references to reading the Bible aloud at public gatherings. The ritual was designed to remind Israel of God's law, instill a life of obedience, and ensure the nation's divine blessing.

Now, the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) is hosting a celebratory recitation of God's word.

A number of speakers will recite the entire New Testament, word for word, from memory in an event billed as "The Great Recital" on Oct.11-15 at the ICR's new Discovery Center in Dallas, Texas. 

According to the organization's website, Professor Tom Meyer, also known as The Bible Memory Man, and others will perform a dramatic presentation of the New Testament each day. Tickets are not required to attend The Great Recital.

During an interview, Meyer told CBN News that such a New Testament event has never happened before in the history of the church "where all 27 books, all 260 chapters, all 8,000 plus verses, all 180,000 words are going to be spoken word for word from memory."

"And in doing this, number one, we're doing this right before the midterms," he explained. "A public proclamation of the word of the living God to let the nation know, and to let individuals know what God requires of thee. Number two, we want people to understand that these are just common, normal people reciting God's word from memory. And if they can do it, if they can memorize large portions of scripture, those watching from home can do it too, and receive the blessing that can come from it." 

Meyer noted that reciting the Bible in public was a tradition among the Israelites, and this special event coincides with the Jewish holiday known as the "Feast of the Tabernacles."

"It's the perfect time to do it," he said. "Every seven years in antiquity, they would read it aloud so the nation would know what God required of them.  And so what better time to do it than when the ancient Israelites did it when God wanted it done, Right before we go to the midterm polls and vote and see what God lays on our hearts. Do we vote this way or do we vote that way?"  

"Are we one nation under God?" Meyer asked. 

When asked how memorizing scripture can make a difference in someone's life, The Bible Memory man replied, "The blessings that come from it are innumerable. When we hide God's word in our hearts, instead of having it on our phones or on our shelves, we get instant access to the mind of God. We can have words of comfort in times of need. We can wield our sword, the list goes on and on of the blessings that come from hiding God's word in our heart." 

The scripture recital will begin at 10:00 am each day of the event. You can check here for a detailed schedule.

This free event will also be live-streamed on the ICR YouTube channel for anyone who is not able to attend in person.

Hear the Entire New Testament Recited from Memory During The Great Recital.  Watch the video below:

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