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Elderly Grandpa Fights Armed Robber, Risks Life to Save Young Woman Being Choked


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An elderly Texas man said he had no choice but to pull over, push fear to the side, and help a young woman allegedly being assaulted by an armed robber.

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Simon Mancilla, Sr., told KHOU-TV he was pistol-whipped and had his truck stolen after he stopped his truck on Sept. 7 to help a woman in need.

Mancilla, a 73-year-old grandpa to 11, reportedly pulled in outside a check-cashing business in Houston when he saw the robber choking a woman.

“I open my window, ‘Hey man … don’t make a problem,'” he told the outlet.

But the criminal didn’t take too kindly to his involvement.

That’s when the armed assailant turned his attention to Mancilla, forcing him out of the truck. The criminal allegedly hopped inside the vehicle, and a struggle ensued when Mancilla tried to stop him.

Mancilla was pistol-whipped but punched the man; the grandfather was left bloodied before the assailant drove off with his truck, according to KHOU-TV.

“Well, yeah,” Mancilla said when a reporter asked him if he was afraid before jumping in to selflessly help the woman. “But I don’t have any choice.”

Here’s cell footage of the shocking scuffle:

Others stepped in to try and help Mancilla after the brutal assault as well. He received medical attention and stitches but has recovered.

This man’s bravery should be commended, as his kind acts seem to have saved the woman under attack.

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