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'The Church Being Pro-Life in Word and Pro-Love in Action': Amazing Ministry Aids New and Expectant Mothers


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Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, a ministry of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas that has served the greater Dallas Fort Worth area for 30 years, is celebrating the grand opening of its new Family Resource Center Tuesday. 

The center is laid out like a boutique where new mothers can choose from free baby and maternity items that they need during and after their pregnancy.

Available products include cribs, diapers, wipes, bath products, feeding needs, baby care, safety items, and toys. 

In addition, clothing for expectant mothers is also available as well as apparel for newborns and toddlers. The center also offers parenting classes and other counseling options.

"Prestonwood Family Resource Center was started to meet the growing demands of our clients who have chosen life," Leanne Jamieson, executive director of the center told CBN News. "It is a picture of the church being pro-life in word and pro-love in action." 

"Although the original drive for the formation of the center was for the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center clients, we will take referrals from other pregnancy centers and ministries," Jamieson continued.  "Prestonwood values all life and we promise to walk aside those who have chosen life by equipping them to be the parents the Lord called them to be." 

Jack Graham, Prestonwood's pastor, explained how the ministry is focused on serving women during and after their pregnancy. 

"With the impending Supreme Court decision, it's critical that people don't fall for the lie spread in our country that Christian centers such as ours do not care for women after the baby is born. We want to save babies, but we want to give people hope, too," Graham said.
"We want to be the kind of Christians who are there for people, not just during their pregnancies, but after. We are pro-life from conception to end of life," he added. "As Christians, we have a responsibility to care for people in every life stage. That's why a family resource center is so important."

And women who come to the pregnancy center have access to numerous medical services at no cost. This includes pregnancy testing, an ultrasound to confirm the baby's due date, and much-needed support for the expectant mother. 

Over the past three decades, more than 97,000 women have walked through the doors of the center and have chosen life for their baby. 

So far this year, the pregnancy center is celebrating several milestones, including: 

  • 1,707 changed their views on abortion
  • 46 recognized adoption referrals
  • 113 women received salvation in Christ 

According to the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center's website, they even offer free and confidential coaching sessions available to the father of the baby. Male coaches can meet with men to listen, offer advice, and talk through issues surrounding pregnancy.

Texas Pro-Life Law 

Last September, the Texas "Heartbeat" Act (SB 8) was enacted which bans most abortions in the state once the fetal heartbeat is detected around the six-week mark.

CBN News has extensively covered the new law, which pregnancy centers say is convincing some women who were on the fence, to choose life. 

For those inclined towards abortion, it has led to fear and desperation, especially in the initial weeks. The new law puts Texas in line with more than a dozen other states that are taking aggressive steps to defend the unborn. 

To find out more about Prestonwood Pregnancy Center and the new family center, click here.

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