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'Basing My Opinion on What God Said': Tony Dungy Defends the Unborn During Social Media Debate


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Former NFL coach Tony Dungy is pointing people to scripture while answering multiple questions related to abortion, biblical truth, and whether life begins at the moment of conception.

The recent series of tweets began on Sunday when Dungy replied to a comment from someone suggesting that there didn't appear to be a biblical case for when life actually begins.

"It's a brand new idea, made up in the 1970s," tweeted user Adam Davidson. "In the bible and for nearly all of Xn history, life was thought to begin sometime in the 2nd trimester."

Dungy responded by encouraging him to, "Read , , and ."

When another user argued that those Bible verses only, "deal with the foreknowledge of God," Dungy explained that they actually reveal the miraculous development of the unborn child.

"God is sovereign, we are not. But these verses deal with more than just the foreknowledge of us. They speak about God seeing us in the womb, working on us in the womb and knowing us in the womb," he said.

When someone told Dungy that his perception was determined by "people from 2000 years ago," he replied, "I'm basing my opinion on what God said, not what people want to advocate."

Another person urged Dungy to "focus on the woman" in which he wrote, "Why not focus on the baby? Does that life mean anything?"

He emphasized that the core issue being argued is whether the unborn baby has any rights.

"If you don't believe it's a life, then it has no rights," Dungy tweeted. "But…if you believe it's a life, then it has rights. 38 states have fetal homicide laws implying they think it is a life."

"I formed you in your mother's womb. That says a lot right there. God formed the baby, not man," Dungy tweeted, referring to Psalm 139. 

Ultimately, Dungy defended his position during the debate and recognized other views on the matter.

"I think we can have conversations and even disagree without it being the end of the world," he tweeted. "I know that everyone won't look at things like I do, but I can still share what I believe and why I believe it."

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