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Anne Graham Lotz, Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright Say Jesus Is Coming Back Soon: 'His Return Is Imminent'


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Bible teacher Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright are on a mission to help prepare believers for Jesus' imminent return.

In their new book, Preparing to Meet Jesus: A 21-day Challenge to Move from Salvation to Transformation, they explore 21 characteristics the Heavenly Father desires to see in the Bride of Christ.

"I don't want to leave anything to chance," Graham Lotz, the daughter of late evangelist Bill Graham, wrote on Facebook. "I want to be ready. I want to prepare now to meet Jesus."

"Jesus is coming! All indicators point to the fact that His return is imminent. While expectancy among people of faith worldwide is at a fever pitch, I wonder if you and I are actually prepared for that world-changing, history-altering, heart-stopping moment in time," Lotz Wright wrote on another social media post. 

"Again and again, the Bible tells us that Jesus will come a thief in the night...and that His followers need to be prepared to meet Him at any moment," she added.

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The mother-daughter duo collaborated on this project using the story of Rebekah found in chapter 24 of the book of Genesis as a guide for the 21-day challenge. 
"You can look at Rebekah - and she wasn't a perfect person - but in this chapter, she was such a servant and she was kind, she was humble, she was hospitable and I feel like the Lord brought them to my mind so that each day you can focus on one of those characteristics. And I pray that gently He shows us how we can do better," Lotz Wright explains. 

Anne told CBN News' Prayer Link that recent health scares have shifted both of their focuses to the moment the Bride of Christ readies herself for the marriage supper of the Lamb as mentioned in Revelation 19:7.

"He's coming for us whether that's at His return or at our death and because of my age and having gone through breast you never know if you are going to step into eternity," she cautioned. 

As CBN News has reported, Rachel-Ruth narrowly survived two heart attacks in January. She was diagnosed at the time with spontaneous coronary artery dissection.

"The inside of one of my arteries was just shredded," Lotz Wright recalled. "I should not have lived. I was dying and God miraculously brought me back. And at any second we could die...and we are not promised tomorrow."

The pair ultimately want to be proactive in preparing their hearts for Jesus. And they want others to be prepared as well. 

"The first thing we need to do is be sure that we have put our faith in Jesus," Lotz recently shared. "And that you are a part of the Father's family." 

She added, "The relationship that we have with our heavenly bridegroom is a love relationship. Because I love Jesus, I want to be pleasing to Him." 

Preparing to Meet Jesus: A 21-Day Challenge to Move from Salvation to Transformation is being released on Aug. 8.

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