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'$5 Million to Joe Biden': Grassley Releases FBI Memo Alleging Biden 'Criminal Bribery Scheme'

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U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released an unclassified FBI document Thursday containing significant information about the financial affairs of Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The memo details an allegation from what was described as a "credible source" that then-Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden pushed the head of the Ukrainian company Burisma to pay them $5 million for their help in getting a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating the company fired.

That prosecutor was fired in 2015.

The White House contends the allegations have been "debunked" although Biden addressed the subject in 2018.  

Grassley has been working alongside House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer who said the American people must be able to read this record for themselves.

"For the better part of a year, I've been pushing the Justice Department and FBI to provide details on its handling of very significant allegations from a trusted FBI informant implicating then-Vice President Biden in a criminal bribery scheme. While the FBI sought to obfuscate and redact, the American people can now read this document for themselves, without the filter of politicians or bureaucrats, thanks to brave and heroic whistleblowers," Grassley said

"What did the Justice Department and FBI do with the detailed information in the document? And why have they tried to conceal it from Congress and the American people for so long? The Justice Department and FBI have failed to come clean, but Chairman Comer and I intend to find out," he continued.

As CBN News reported, FBI Director Christopher Wray finally allowed House Oversight Committee members to see a redacted informant file that obtained information about the recordings, in June. 

The document – an FD-1023 form – is a redacted reference document from the FBI that details information from a "highly credible" source who had multiple conversations with the Burisma executive over the years.

In the four-page document, the confidant claims to have been a part of ongoing meetings in 2015 or 2016 when the Burisma energy company began looking to do business with the United States. 

In the document, the informant alleges Burisma officials told them about their relationship and dealings with Hunter Biden. And one company official said he was keeping Hunter Biden on the board because his dad could protect them from all kinds of problems.

A press release from Grassley's Senate office explains, "Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky reportedly said, 'Don't worry Hunter will take care of all of those issues through his dad.' Zlochevsky reportedly stated that he had to pay $5 million to Hunter Biden and $5 million to Joe Biden, an arrangement he described as 'poluchili,' which is Russian crime slang for being 'forced or coerced to pay,' according to the document."

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"The FBI's Biden Bribery Record tracks closely with the evidence uncovered by the Oversight Committee's Biden family influence-peddling investigation. In the FBI's record, the Burisma executive claims that he didn't pay the 'big guy' directly but that he used several bank accounts to conceal the money. That sounds an awful lot like how the Bidens conduct business: using multiple bank accounts to hide the source and total amount of the money," House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer said. 

The Department of Justice under former President Donald Trump's Attorney General William Barr investigated the allegations but closed the investigation in August 2020.

FBI officials have said that releasing the document could jeopardize other FBI investigations and the trust of confidential sources.

"Given the misconduct and politicization at the Department of Justice, the American people must be able to read this record for themselves. I thank Senator Grassley for providing much-needed transparency to the American people. We must hold the Department of Justice accountable for seeking to bury this record to protect the Bidens," Comer said. 

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