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Sen. Lankford: Democrats Trying 'to Destroy the Senate' and Taking 'a Direct Shot at the Constitution'

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"A president for all Americans" – that's the campaign promise Joe Biden ran on. So far, that hasn't been a reality.

From day one, the administration has been backing far-left bills that are anathema to Republicans. 

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) joined The 700 Club on Wednesday to discuss the Democrat agenda and why they're trying to go nuclear against long-standing Senate filibuster rules.

"They seem to be just intent on trying to ram the most far-left policies through and to be able to find a way to destroy the Senate – and when you talk about destroying the filibuster you really are talking about destroying what the Senate has been for 200-plus years – because they have an agenda to be able to change America into their image," he said.  
Democrats are trying to deliver on a bold agenda while they have control of the House, Senate, and White House – but unless changes are made to the filibuster, they will need 60 Senate votes with little support from the GOP.

Lankford also discussed the fate of President Biden's agenda on issues like the Equality Act, a sweeping election reform bill, and economic plans.  

"The Equality Act has a great title, but it's not about equality," Sen. Lankford told CBN News after his 700 Club interview. "It is a radical departure, in all of our labor law. It is a radical change from everything we've done on religious freedom for a very long time. It would be the first time in American law ever that specifically they're trying to pass a law that tells people of faith, 'You cannot stand on your First Amendment principles of religious liberty, you now have to have something different'. So it's a direct shot at the Constitution." 

Democrats are also backing a D.C. statehood bill which would create two additional Senate seats that would likely be held by Democrats, virtually guaranteeing long-term Senate control to the Democrat Party.

Sen. Lankford is proposing absorbing Washington, D.C.'s residential areas into Maryland if Democrats are truly concerned about giving "voting rights" to D.C. residents. He points out that a similar move took place when southern Washington, D.C. was absorbed into Virginia many decades ago. Watch the FULL INTERVIEW above to hear the rest of his comments.


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